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Pamplemousse Games

Based in Montreal, Canada

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PC + Consoles (eventually!)


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Spleen is a 2D action RPG and life sim hybrid about childhood nostalgia. Relive the excitement of being a carefree kid as a way of dealing with the demands of adulthood. Play as Johann, a disenchanted young man feeling the responsibilities of his life slowly breaking his spirit. As his dreams start to fade away, he gains the ability to enter a world where he can become a kid again and confront the Spleen, a malevolent force growing from his melancholy. In the adult's world, choose how Johann's days are spent and explore relationships with friends, family and coworkers. In the kid's world, fight back against the Spleen and renew his hopes and dreams by finding forgotten memories. Together, adult and kid will figure out a way to deal with all the twists and turns that life throws their way.


The seed of the project was born with a depressed artist. He was wondering if his passion had not become a poison instead. At that point he began pining for the old days, when he was very young, with all the dreams that come with childhood. An evening, after work, he decided to start a drawing of the image he had of himself, 25 years earlier. 

But the real moment Spleen started growing was in a pub! When two strangers, but newly coworkers, started exchanging childhood stories and going down the nostalgia rabbit hole. After a few years working together, they decided it was time for a change and a chance to try out all those ideas they'd been tossing around. Spleen is a personal tale inspired by experiences of issues coping with life and looking back at childhood to find joy and meaning.


  • Discover two colorful worlds filled with hand-painted watercolors and traditional frame by frame animations.

  • Enjoy a mature, emotional story about finding one's path in life.

  • Explore relationships with an eclectic cast of characters.

  • Have intense fast paced acrobatic battles against enemies born from twisted emotions.

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Awards & Recognition

  • Ubisoft Indie Series finalist, March 2019

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About Pamplemousse Games


Pamplemousse Games is an indie games studio based in Montreal, founded by a duo of industry veterans. We aim to create personal, thoughtful games that are colorful and fun to play! We also strive to create a friendly, flexible and accommodating work environment where everyone's opinion matters and we can all grow as developers and people.

Spleen Credits

Alexandre Viens

Programming, Design, Writing, Bugs, etc.

Yann Penno

Art, Design, Writing, FinalFinal.psd, etc.

Neha Patel

Music, Puns

Maximilien Simard-Poirier

Sound Design, Snark

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